Working All Night Long

Posted on Thu, 5/7/2020
2 minutes read

Maybe once I week I end up staying up all night working on one thing or another. It's been something I've been doing fairly consistently since I was in my early twenties, pretty much since I started doing web development. At first it started as working two jobs at the same time hours of 9-5 and then 6-fall asleep normally 2am, I did that for about a year. I consider that time frame as the breaking point where sleep sort of stopped mattering to me.

Now I don't need to hear how this is very unhealthy and you shouldn't do it. I understand that people seem to cherish sleep and think you're going to die if you occasionally don't get enough. You should know that everyone is different and some people naturally need less sleep, I at no point in my life was the person who slept till noon unless I was up until 5am playing Age of Empires or something. Without an alarm I very often naturally wake up between the 6-7 hours of sleep point, and normally I can get by with 3-4 hours of sleep a couple night a week without really feeling tired. Generally I can do this all without coffee or caffeine of any kind, but obviously it does help, which brings me to my game changing experience.

This year I was introduced to a new coffee that has revolutionize me working all night and not feeling bad afterwards. For Christmas this year my brother bought me Biohazard Coffee it's coffee with 928mg of caffeine per serving! I'm one who claims coffee doesn't affect me much, but this coffee WOW! I like it because I don't feel weird or jittery I just feel extra alive and like I can solve any problems.

I would be very careful with this coffee if you want to try it, as that is a bunch of caffeine. The first time I drank it to stay up late, I had a cup at 8pm and worked all night, was working when my alarm to wake up went off, kept working until 3pm. I ended up taking a hour nap, and then was up until a normal bed time of 10pm. So I was awake from 5am Monday until 4pm Tuesday, the entire time I felt very alert and "normal".

So give it a try and let me know how absolutely crazy I am.