Weeknotes #6

Posted on Sun, 8/4/2019
3 minutes read

It's been a hot minute or two since I've updated things here, life is busy sometimes.

I added two new pages to the site, one of games I've played and whether I recommend the game or not, and one of ongoing projects I'm working on. Nothing complicated yet or even completely filled out but it expands my site beyond just random blogs.

[Quick Life Things]

  • †My van broke, then I fixed it, then it broke again in a different and worse way. (currently still broken)
  • Started building a divider wall in my garage to move my home office in there so the baby can take my office room.


Throw Throw Burrito this game is great! It's easy to learn and fun to play. It's a fast pace match making card game, where sometimes people throw burritos at each other. We played at work and it resulted in people running and jumping over couches throwing burritos at each other.

Trogdor!! The Board Game that came in last week, I've only played it once but it was pretty fun and cooperative.

Ravine this is a card game I backed on Kickstarter awhile ago but just started playing in a last two months. It's actually really fun. One complaint would be sometimes the games are super hard and sometimes they're easy. You are supposed to control how hard the game is by how many nights minimum you need to survive but it's really just the luck of the draw pile. I've played games were most of us died by night 5 and another game where we lasted 16 nights all with full health.

Superhot VR I've played this before at a friend's house but recently just picked up an Oculus Rift S second hard for a good price. This game is what sold me on VR, this style of game I think is perfect for VR.


Path Redirect Import this is an easy and small thing. In Drupal sites we do 301 redirects all the time, never thought about bulk importing them because normally we handle them through a htaccess or the client does them as needed. Recently I needed to add 50+ redirects to a site and editing the htaccess wasn't an option, I stumbled upon this module so now we're using it.

Control your Android Phone from your computer with scrcpy I haven't actually tried this but it seems like a cool way to use your Android phone from your computer.

Desktop Color picker for Linux: Farge I started using this color picker the other week it does what it needs to without being overly complicated or fancy.


VS Code for PHP Development it's good to see ways to make editors beyond PHPStorm good for PHP dev, I personally use PHPStorm but I wouldn't say I'm satisfied or would recommend it to others, PHPStorm works.

No CS Degree as a person without a CS degree it's cool to read about how other people without degrees are doing in tech.

What's new in ES2019 it's good to keep up with new things in JS land, but when I can use ES6 without babel, what's what I want to know.