Weeknotes #5

Posted on Sat, 7/13/2019
3 minutes read

Last week was the 4th of July, we had family in town to celebrate and to see our baby. Due to that I missed last week as there was just too many things to do and a lot of time spent with family.

This week at work I was able to spend a good amount of time building new layouts and blocks for a site in Layout Builder. I also continued working on the date repeat update for a site and built out a First/Last date formatter. Hopefully it starts working good enough that I can share it back with people as it seems quite useful.

I crashed my Grom

It seems like I have bruised by ankle bone, maybe sprained my knee and shoulder. But WAY better than last time I crashed my bike a couple years ago and this time I was hit which was weird. Basically people shouldn't be aloud to drive. Someone was in the right turn lane of an intersection stopped, I was needing to drive through that intersection so I was in the non turning lane to the left of them. Then I guess they decided they wanted to go straight too and turned right into my lane right in front of me. I slammed on my brakes hit them and fell over. Then they drove away. I'm very lucky to walk away from that accident mostly unhurt. The next day I was walking around and mostly able to live my life except I have a slight limp and I'm sore.


Lazydocker this is a TUI (terminal User Interface) for all your docker containers running or not. I opened this and found gigs of old containers and things unneeded that I was able to remove. I also am just a sucker for TUIs so if you know of any other good ones let me know.

Layout Builder Modal at CK we user Layout Builder now for all landing page things but one of the terrible things about it is you do everything in a 300px wide sidebar. This modal module lets you do the same things but in a modal. Normally I'm a modal hater but this is a pretty good use case for them.


First letter pseudo element & Making responsive tables with minimal CSS this week I came across Bradley Taunt's website and he has some really good frontend tutorials these were just two of the ones that showed me new things I didn't know.

Intro Guide to Dockerfile Best Practices I use Docker all day everyday and this was a good refresher for what makes a good Dockerfile.

The death watch for the X Window System (aka X11) has probably started as a user of Wayland this is both good to read. I am looking forward to more things working properly under Wayland by default. Now if only we could get rid of Qt...

A better zip bomb cool to learn how zip bombs work and really just how unzip tool work. Be careful with that file though, I sent it as a joke in my company Slack and someone tried opening it.