Weeknotes #4

Posted on Sun, 6/30/2019
5 minutes read

This was a good week, got a lot done at work and even had enough time to mow my lawn. Summer has finally arrived in Kansas City just in time for the AC to die on my wife's van, so that made this week hotter than I would have liked. Next week is 4th of July so I have family coming into town and we're going to watch things blow up and eat grill food, it will be great!

Due to my wife being sick I worked form home on Monday to help take care of our baby while she slept. The weird thing is that may have been my most productive day of work, I got a solid 9 hours in all with minimal interruptions. I really like my office and going to work but it is really that strange that alone in a room I'm able to get more done because I can think for a least an hour at a time without interruptions. This is good news because at Code Koalas we're starting first Friday's of the month as work from home days.

I was able to get a Drupal 8 site mirroring over to Patheon with a custom pipeline. It took longer than I would have wanted but in the end it's not too complicated. Pantheon make you track all composer downloaded files if you're not using circleci, I refuse to track all my composer files because I'm not an animal. I created a pipeline that replaces the gitignore with a pantheon gitignore then composer installs and git adds and pushed up to Pantheon. We had to use an approach like that because we already have auto deploying docker containers for this site locally and on our staging, but the client ultimately wants to deploy on Pantheon. The goal was to keep our normal workflow while still using Pantheon and I believe I accomplished that.

I accidentally nuked my Desktop Arch Linux computer and had to reset everything. I recently moved from nvm to n to manage node on my laptop, and decided I wanted to move that setup to my desktop computer as well. For some reason node loves to save files in root system directories, and so does n. It wanted access to /usr/local/n I believe so I created that and chmod that but accidentally ran that just on /usr/local. Right away nothing was broken but I knew bad things had happened, then about a hour later I realized I could no longer sudo things. I tried just booting from a flash drive and changing back permissions but after a couple failed attempts I decided to just start over on this computer. A hour or two later it was up and running and good to go. I'm impressed with how quickly I got things back working, and now I know I don't have filler things I don't use anymore taking up space. This is why it's nice to have you dotfiles backed up and I've been creating a private wiki for my life which includes all the random things I run on my computer so I could easily grab those and install them.


I mentioned Gutenberg for Drupal last week, I tried it and so should you. I put it up on my blog (this right here) and was blown away with how great it is! We spend so much time trying to add plugins and change settings in ckeditor to make it work right for our users where with Gutenberg I clicked install and enabled it for the Blog content type and I was done. So seriously try it if you haven't, I'm writing this blog right now in Gutenberg.


$499 AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Almost as Fast as $2000 Intel Core i9-9980XE this is really good news for anyone wanting a new computer some day, you don't need that crazy AMD Ryzen 9 3900X but because it's 1/4 the price that means Intel will need to do something to still be competitive. Hopefully bringing all prices down or making an even better processor. I personally am wanting to build a new computer using a Ryzen, but this computer I'm typing on is only two years old, runs perfect and all Intel based so too big of an upgrade.

The Toyota Way this was a fun read to see what Toyota does to stay so good. The best car I ever owned was my 2003 Toyota MR2 and I miss it everyday.

HTTP Cats and IP Kittens fun ways to put more cats on the internet.

Hey advertisers, track THIS a project from Firefox that spams all the tracking scripts watching you with tons of fake data to "confuse" them. Unsure if this actually works as they have years of data on you, how much does one day move the needle on this?

HTML is the Web good read about how HTML is fundamental to the web and a lot of people seem to not care to learn it. I learned HTML first back in 2004 (I think) and it's pretty simple and all made sense to me, so it's weird than newer people and just learning React or a framework and not the language that makes the internet. But then again do people say that about me writing websites in PHP instead of learning Assembly?

Raspberry Pi 4 is released! and What do you do with your Pi? A new Pi is released that goes up to 4GB of RAM, this is great but also what is there to even do with a Pi? I think with the 4GB and dual monitor capabilities of this newest one you could seriously make it your kids computer. I had already told my wife that when our kids are old enough I'm making them build a Pi if they want to have or use a computer. I want them to understand what computers are and not just be addicted to phones like so many young kids today.

Why you need to give Firefox a chance Chrome/Google have a monopoly on the internet, Firefox is really the only Browser fighting for us to keep the web standards open and not controlled by one company. I have used Firefox on and off since it's been out, I've currently been using to for I think the last two years when the rewrote the render engine making it much faster than it used to be.