This Week In Drupal: 0

Posted on Tue, 9/13/2022
2 minutes read

Starting a new thing where I round up all Drupal news and things I come across every week and post it here. My main topics I'll try to cover are News, Notable Releases, News, Upcoming Events, Module of the Week, and Community Spotlight. Some weeks I might be pretty light on some topics or repeating last week's topics if it's still relevant. I'm marking this one as post 0 as I'm still not sure how I want to format things.

Hopefully my hours every week of seeing what's going on in Drupal will be helpful to others, if it helps let me know!


Drupal Association election is next month, voting opens September 21st and closes October 19th.

PHP 7.4 EOL is November, and Drupal 9.1+ supports PHP 8, so you should get updated soon.

Notable Releases

I totally missed this but on August 29th ECA reached a stable release. ECA is the Drupal 9 version of Rules as Rules has not reached a stable release for D8 or D9 and I have not personally used Rules in years because of that so that's really big news.

Better Exposed Filters version 6.0 was released with Drupal 10 support.

Upcoming Events

For the camps and cons be sure to check their YouTube channels during and after the event as normally all sessions are recorded and you can watch even if you cannot make it.

Module of the Week

For the first ever Module of the Week, I'm choosing Layout builder ids. Do you use Layout Builder, and would like to anchor link to scroll down the page, if so this is for you. I've had to implement this multiple times for clients and always done it manually, now that I've found this module this will be the way I do this from here on out.