Setting Up Syncthing

Posted on Wed, 6/24/2020
1 minute read

I've heard of about Syncthing for awhile but with already running NextCloud and having config Dotfiles in git repos I hadn't ever pulled the trigger on getting it setup. This week it all changed when I found a need.

I use Watson a CLI tool to track time, and have been for awhile and it's great! With all this COVID stuff we have been working from home for a couple months, and now we are partially back to the office. So now I'm in the situation where I start my day at home, then go to the office so I have time tracked across two computers. Watson handles the time tracking by writing it all to a file is a json object. That's where I realized if I could sync that file between my computers that'd be great!

I ended up running it on my home server in a Docker container using Linuxserver's image. Getting it setup was super easy, from there I set it up on both my computers set to start when the computer boots. Then connected the computers, created a shared folder and with some symlink magic my watson log file is shared and synced!

Once I got there I started syncing some of my other folders too, it's a great tool and you should check it out.