Playing with Godot

Posted on Fri, 5/29/2020
1 minute read

The other week at Code Koalas we had a R&D day when everyone is allowed to spend the day researching or working in some cool new thing you want to learn. I've played around with game development a bit and tried a making simple games in a couple different engines. I've used Pico-8, Unity, Game Maker, JavaScript using Canvas, and now Godot. It's sort of cliché to be a developer also making games, but I enjoy it which is why Godot is what I chose to learn for my day.

I followed this Space Asteroids Acrade tutorial which was maybe the best tutorial I've ever followed. What I learned from that day way Godot is fairly easy to use, and I plan on using it again. I thought compared to Game Maker there was more coding needed and less point and click, but compared to Unity it seemed to sort of just make sense.

I'm short for words today, but you can view the game I made on GitHub, and you can play it online!