My CodePen Saturday

Posted on Sat, 10/10/2015
2 minutes read

After Blake's CodePen talk about using CodePen just to have fun I made three pens in one day! It ended up basically being Pixel Art Saturday, All my pens have to do with pixel art as it's my favorite.

The first pen I made was this little Sonic Pixel Art guy. I sort of want to make him run around but this alone took me 1-2 hours to just do this one sprite. To make it run I'm looking at maybe 8 hours or so. I might do it, but not the point of a fun CodePen Saturday.


See the Pen Sonic Pixel Art Pure CSS by Josh Fabean (@fabean) on CodePen.


Then I made a 16x16 pixel random art with a Sass loop to randomize the colors. I was inspired by this picked pen which is a 10x10 random CSS pixel art block, you will see how similar it is.


See the Pen Random Pixel Art Generator by Josh Fabean (@fabean) on CodePen.


After that I did it again, but with JavaScript just to see it both ways. The one thing I learned is with JavaScript you cannot use HLSA colors so I wasn't able to color coordinate it as much as my previous pen. I did however make it change what the colors are all the time for fun.


See the Pen Random Pixel Art with Javascript by Josh Fabean (@fabean) on CodePen.


CodePen is a great place to learn, get inspired, show off your work, but most importantly to me it's a great place to have fun. Go out and do something you've never done before just for fun on CodePen.