Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Posted on Fri, 10/23/2015
1 minute read

I'm normally not a fan of promoting products, but this one has literally changed my life. As is semi common for a developer I started developing RSI about two years ago. I like all smart people pretty much ignored it for the first six months. After that I actually tried everything I could think of to make my wrists feel good, I would ice my wrists, use my mouse with my left hand, and not use my right hand for anything beyond typing. Nothing helped, and I pretty much just gave up and accepted my fate.

Maybe two months ago I finally decided to take the leap and get an ergonomic keyboard, and within one week my wrists were back to maybe 80-90% health. Now I would say my wrists are 95% healthy only slight pain at harsh angles some of the time. I actually got a couple different people at work to make the switch too.

You might be thinking but ergonomic keyboards are lame and I completely agreed with you until I got this keyboard. It was suggested on Shop Talk Show Episode 183, and The Wire Cutter two pretty reliable sources. You've been dealing with wrist pain enough you should just take the leap.