Chat App Written in Javascript Using WebRTC

Posted on Sun, 5/24/2015
1 minute read

Today Nathan Phelps and I decided we would play around with WebRTC to try to do some fun p2p things.

After awhile of playing around we ended up being able to successfully make a p2p chat web app. You can check out javascript-p2p-chat on GitHub. It was written using PeerJS which made it quite easy actually, we spent most of the time rendering it out to the page and making it semi user friendly.

I actually decided to host an working example of it on my site so feel free to play around with it but you'll need to open two browsers or find a friend.

This is still very much a work in progress, I was just too excited to not share with the world.

You will need a browser that supports WebRTC to use this.

alt text