Better Performance With Drupal

Posted on Mon, 6/29/2015
2 minutes read

Your site's performance is bad, and you should feel bad

When you build a site with Drupal if you don't do it right your users are going to have a bad time. Drupal, like every CMS, when not properly tamed can be slow and use tons of bandwidth. It's 2015, I shouldn't have to explain to you why performance is important and why you should care about it.

There's lots of great things you can and should do to optimize performance. Using these modules you will be able to make your site fast and save your users money on their data bill.

Modules I'm using

Module I've used or heard of and cannot completely give my stamp of approval

In a little over two hours configuring the modules listed above, I was able to gain large performance increases on a very simple site. File size dropped from 985KB to 382KB, speed from 6.67s to 299ms. This was all running locally so I wasn't even using things like Memcache or Varnish which I would suggest for any production site.

alt text

Please be a responsible developer or designer and make websites that perform, no one wants to wait for a site. You absolutely cannot overdue performance! Thanks for helping to make the world a better place.