10. September 2015

Simple Match Making Server using WebRTC

With my Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe Game I’ve already tackled how to let users manually connect to each other with a unique ID. But now it’s time to take it a step further, how do you make it so users can connect with someone they don’t know? I figured it out in only a couple lines of JavaScript.


11. June 2015

My Grunt.js Boilerplate

The other day I was starting a project and I was to the point where I was needed to create my grunt file and move on with coding the project. The project was my Javascript Chat using WebRTC in case you were wondering. I started pulling from old projects and mashing together a grunt file to my liking for this project. When it was all said and done I ended up spending a good 30 minutes to a hour to get it all worked out working, what a waste of time! Right then I knew I needed to come up with a better solution.


08. May 2015

Javascript ES6 for-of vs for-in

Looping in javascript is the best thing ever and I do it all day everyday. I just stumpled upon some of the new ES6 iterators and one stuck out to me a lot. It’s called the for-of loop and it much like to a for-in but with one major improvement.


25. April 2015

Initial Thoughts on PostCSS

Earlier today I found out about PostCSS, now my life is forever changed?

Very frequently do I complain about just how slow ruby Sass is (sometimes taking a whole 1s to compile a website’s CSS… our definition of slow is just silly these days), but libsass is always behind and missing the cool kid features. This is where PostCSS comes in.